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a bike lending library. i think we are continuing to work with folks at mca and there foir bike program for how best to do this. this is an exciting legacy as well, creating this waterfront biking safety zone that people can be really excited about, so we're hoping that comes to the other as well. supervisor campos: the estimate on how many folks are likely to come in 2000 he -- 2013 vary widely. we cannot tell whether it is going to be 50,000 votes per day or 250,000 per day. planning to have on those contingencies? -- planning on those contingencies vary widely. give us a sense on how you are planning to deal with the unpredictability on what could happen in 2013. >> i think we are in the middle of that. i think the technical up -- technicalities will really detail more refined visitor protection based on what we're seeing in terms of the likely spectator destinations in using the people plan strategy as they have been laid out, what it will take to serve the demand. again, i want to come back to the point that it will vary. there will be super peak days of hundreds of thousands of da
to be tied to making the mca money -- mta money? a lot of the people who are complaining are not taking advantage of these town halls and try to disrupt constructive discussion. so, i think this demonstration was important. [chime] you cannot forget the cab drivers. >> david posada, last person. >> good afternoon, everybody. if you read it, it is self- explanatory. this one is about identity that was given to me. they attempted one $1,000.104 $40,000. it was instituted by mta. i know the study very well. my experience. i saw the battery happen. what else could i say? [chime] this credit card operation i think is really on healthy, and i do not think it is appropriate -- is really unhealthy, and i do not think it is a proper. chairman nolan: should lead to a five-minute break at this point? we will go to the consent calendar, item 11. thank you. to discuss the troy and wheeler cases. on the 14 directors, we will not disclose the information discussed. >> we will not disclose. >> i am sorry. just for the record, both cases were not unanimous. uofd wheeler case was not your man -- unanimou
knows a lot more about those issues. >> peter albert from mca. yes, the consistency is pretty important. -- peter albert from mta. we are choosing to benefit from this effort. for instance, even before we drafted the people plan and a bike plan, the sf park, an interesting program that helps is managing traffic. we also met with the transportation control system to look at the big picture at mta. the goal here is one of the things that i think is so important is we get to test and pilot programs that we do not often get the opportunity to do. by bringing the teams and looking at their plants, we are actually looking at elements of what they try to do without stepping on the toes of the process and testing that to see how viable they can be so that that is one of the benefits michael alluded to. supervisor campos: thank you. colleagues, i do not know if you have any of their questions. i want to thank you for the presentation. really well done. why don't we now open it up to public comment. if there is any member of the public that would like to speak, please come forward. we have a very
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Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)

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